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19th November 2018

Otley Band to Donate 100 year old Photo of Otley Mill

Otley Band, Summercross, is visiting Wharfebank Mills, to present a photograph of the estate taken 100 years ago.

The picture dates back to just after the end of the First World War, when more than 100 workers from the Otley Mills (as they were known) were called up, or volunteered, to fight for their country.

In total 107 workers left Otley Mills (now Wharfebank Mills). Fourteen of them never returned.

A memorial to all the workers from WWI (which later included the names of the fallen from WWII) can be found on Grove Hill, where Ackroyd and Barraclough bought parkland on the opposite side of Ilkley Road, plus a house that could be used by mill workers for recreational purposes. Their aim was to raise the morale of their workforce at the end of the war.

The park was used by mill workers until it was transferred to the Council for community use.

Wharfebank Mills continues to be a much valued part of the local community, and is still one of the largest employability centres in the area.