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4th October 2017

A rainbow of colour brightens up Wharfebank Mills

An injection of colour has given a boost of rainbow brightness to Wharfebank Mills, Otley, with the completion of our new branding and signage project.

Over the past nine months the estate has been undergoing an image make-over befitting a 21st century business centre, particularly during the latest phase of a major refurbishment programme set by the new landlords at the turn of the year.

And the more contemporary logo and colour coded signage for each of the mill buildings, both inside and out, has provided a modern twist to the historic character of the site.

Along with our new navigational boards, both visitors and tenants alike should be able to easily find their way around our estate buildings.

The tenant directory at the main entrance provides a plan of the site with a list of businesses and where they are located.Then en route there are additional signs in the relevant mill colours to further assist with directions.

And now that the exterior has been spruced up and navigational aids have been provided, attention is turning to the next phase of the refurbishment process: revamping the communal areas of Pegholme, the largest of our buildings on site.

Interior architects Bowman Riley have been commissioned to come up with some modern new ideas to make the most of the light and space in the corridors and landings, while retaining some of the old industrial feel which people seem to love.

Pegholme has been allocated the colour orange as its identifier and this will be reflected in the new décor. Replacement door furniture and indoor signage should also help with interior navigation of this building and make it more of a pleasure to visit, as well as to work in.

We also plan to install showers for our runners and cyclists on site, so that they can freshen up before work and would love to hear from someone who is keen to provide a small gym, or fitness classes on site.